Since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the work place has been in a state of flux. There is a lot of confusion, fear and uncertainty about how to remain safe whilst continuing to work and also the measures strategies that are required to restart working.

Those that are self employed face tough decisions on how to protect themselves and those who they work with since the decision falls mostly on them to work out what’s required. For those that are employed they will usually be governed by their employers corporate policy, but there are still difficult decisions to be made by a person/persons in order to minimise the risk that COVID-19 poses to working environments whilst continuing to operate and provide a livelihood for their employees and colleagues.

With time, both businesses and governments are coming up with strategies and plans for getting people back to work since that is the first step to not only jump starting the economy but also returning to routine life.

BeClear realise that this cannot happen until thorough protective measures such as are in place to safeguard the workforce against COVID-19.

Our COVID-19 Rapid Test product can help prevent the spread of the virus within the workplace and ensure the good health of those looking to come back to work. Whether you are an employer or employee, it is important for you to create or have a safe and healthy environment. This will only become possible with proper precaution and regular checks.

Currently, one of the best ways to protect people and keep the workplace secure is frequent testing for COVID-19. This may sound like a daunting task but regular testing is the best precaution against virus transmission since it indicates who is currently infected so appropriate social distancing and isolation can be implemented but also those that have already been exposed to the virus and have built up some level of resistance through immunological history and antibodies.

Your Back to Work Strategy

BeClear want to make the decision process regarding testing products and frequency as easy as possible by providing our COVID-19 Rapid Test that doesn’t compromise on the safety and health of your workforce.

When Coronavirus began to spread rapidly, several businesses and companies switched to the methodology of working from home and shut down their work spaces. However, by now, the economic climate calls for action which has brought several employers and business owners to consider the reopening of workplaces in the best way possible. This basically means that as an employer or manager your top most priority is to safeguard the employees so that productivity can be attained at all levels.

Below are just a few of the ways which will likely become the new norm at several workplaces. The virus has caused a lot of disruptions in work practices and as for the near future, it seems like many things will and are already changing. As more and more organisations move towards reopening, new practices and operating procedures for keeping your workforce safe and protected are becoming a necessity.

A key part of an ongoing COVID-19 Workplace Safety Strategy is regular testing, but this needs to be supported by many other practices and processes to ensure the ongoing safety of your employees.

Workplace Safety of Employees

Experts have advised and suggested quite a few ways for employers to make such policies which ensure optimum health of the workers within the workplace. They may not be applicable or suitable for all employers but there are certain practices which every business owner and manager can put into place.

  • Minimize exposure to the virus by putting in barriers or space between people and limit all physical contact. If the work requires it, make sure that its short and not more than ten or fifteen minutes.
  • Avoid reopening the workplace all at once and instead do it with small intervals. If the business allows it, make a small center or sub-office where most employees are located rather than having everyone together in one central place.
  • Become flexible and let the employees with pre-existing conditions and those who are pregnant or have family members that are at high risk work remotely.
  • Try to have as many meetings as possible via email or phone and only hold conferences in a big space where the attendees can be at a distance with each other.
  • Have regular medical screenings of all employees and ensure that they wear face masks and gloves.
  • Clean and disinfect office supplies and work spaces thoroughly and frequently. Divide cleaning responsibilities so that no one is overloaded with additional work.
  • Test everyone for exposure to the virus as often as possible.  This way whenever somebody displays even the slightest of symptoms, they can be sent into isolation and for further treatment before infecting anybody else.  

Amongst all the safety practices and measures, regular testing will be one of the most effective.

Medical authorities and companies have been making rapid progress in the result time and accuracy of COVID-19 Test kits.

At BeClear we believe that our COVID-19 Rapid Test kit provides the peace of mind testing to our customers easily so that they can assure the safety of their employees in the best manner possible. If testing is frequently carried out, employers can not only contain breakouts but also act instantly upon detecting someone who has tested positive for the virus.

Knowledge is key at this stage of the Coronavirus pandemic and continued and regular testing will provide employers and employees with the information required to effectively manage their return to work strategy and ensure they can prioritise those with a lower risk of infection through antibody testing.

When implemented along with other safety measures, regular testing of your employees can work in favour of the businesses and corporations. It helps maintain peace of mind for everyone and keeps your employees motivated within the workplace as well.

Several employers are already making this measure a part of their new policy for reopening and those who are still considering seem very much inclined. This is a huge positive sign for the future where the workforce in every sector will be protected while returning to work amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The Way Forward

Who knows how long will it take for working environments to return normal, they may never do.

Some say that changes brought by the pandemic could be permanent as well and everyone could find these new ways to work quite efficient.

If you are an employer or a business owner, you may take some time to ease into the new normal. Obviously, the safeguarding of the workforce was always essential but COVID-19 has highlighted it more than ever. It’s why we’re on hand to help you define and provide for your testing strategy for your workforce.

Our COVID-19 Rapid Tests provide accuracy of > 98% with average results available in less than 15 minutes.

Find out how we can help you manage your back to work strategy and protect your employees and their loved ones from COVID-19.

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