In these unprecedented times and rapidly changing environment, the thought of going back to work seems to be on everyone’s mind. How they can return to a working environment safely; How they can protect themselves whilst at work and how they can ensure the safety of their loved ones when they return home.

This is where BeClear can help.

Both employees and employers, including those working from home, want to ensure that the best health and safety measures are in place before work spaces can be reopened. We help bring COVID-19 testing to you for confidence and peace of mind that you either have had it and are asymptomatic or if you are experiencing symptoms that you can be clear in your results and take appropriate action to prevent viral transmission.

While working from home has been a viable option so far, a number of employers and offices have started to devise long term solutions to bring their employees back to the workplaces as safely as possible. One of the first and foremost ways to do this is to implement frequent or regular testing for COVID-19 for everyone within the workplace.

If you are a business or company owner, you might be wondering how this measure can actually be taken and whether it is feasible or not. Through BeClear you can get easy access to rapid result Coronavirus testing kits and products that we are providing to our customers for their protection and betterment.

Importance of Testing

Prevention and precaution are the top most priority going forward as well as giving your employees PPE.

Studies have shown that acute diagnosis through testing is what can really make a difference in the long run. Whether you are an employee or employer, you cannot help but be highly concerned about your health and of those of your colleagues and friends. Regular testing for COVID-19 can help put minds at ease and encourage people to return to work in a positive environment. Given the current difficulty in the NHS providing the number of required tests, BeClear are happy to provide support for those who want to be tested for COVID-19 privately whilst simultaneously protecting the supplies of the NHS.

How can you make it happen? What kind of tests do you need? Does everyone need to be tested or only those with likely exposure? These are just a few of the questions that need to be considered when returning to work.

Before anything, as a workplace owner or manager, you have to devise a suitable strategy that will ensure everything, from the procurement of test kits to the results, runs as smooth as possible. Our COVID-19 team are able to help you facilitate by arranging for the supply of one off tests or a continuous subscription based testing programme, ensuring the continued confidence of your employees and colleagues.  

Other measures are still required to ensure a safe working environment, but at the core of those measures is the need for accurate and regular testing.

COVID-19 Testing Strategy

The first step towards getting the testing measure in place is becoming as well-informed as possible on the procedures, methods and availability of equipment and instruments. We have ventured into this with the sole purpose of exclusively providing testing and safety products for COVID-19 so that our customers can get back on their feet again. As yet, most people believe that in order to get tested you need to go to a hospital or a test centre but these are not the only options available. When it comes to frequent testing in workplaces, one has to rely on in-house measures and training.

There are different types of tests that you may have heard or read about as research goes on into finding effective and quick methods. South Korea is already performing mass testing and was one of the first countries to come up with a short test that produces immediate results.

Obviously, for business owners, the best way is seemingly to opt for such tests which are easy to perform, provide quick, accurate results and are cost effective. It’s why your focus will be on getting equipment and testing kits which are easily available and reliable.

When it comes to testing types and procedures, there are currently two categories which have been approved by the medical board and implemented in hospitals across the globe:

Molecular Tests

This entails swab or sample testing taking a swab from the throat or nasal cavity which is then screened through a PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) for the presence of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 genetic material.

Molecular testing is carried out to determine if a person is presently infected with the virus and is an active carrier.

Serological Tests

This is basically a blood test to detect antibodies for COVID-19 in the bloodstream. It is effective for those people who have recovered from the illness or are displaying mild symptoms. The testing method has recently been put into place and is being carried out by medical facilities for further research.

People who have either recovered from the virus and even those who are not displaying any symptoms can get tested for antibodies after two weeks to 21 days from the time they first experience any irregularity in their system.

Which Test Type to Select?

When considering which of the the test types will be appropriate for use within a workplace, we recommend our serological COVID-19 Rapid Test, that uses a blood sample for the detection of antibodies and provides results within 15minutes at over 92.9% accuracy.

There is no special equipment or material required for it and only blood has to be collected via a simple prick. The test will provide a result which determines if someone was previously infected from the virus and recovered by determining their antibodies.

For more information on our COVID-19 Rapid Test, visit our product page or use the contact form below to speak to a member of our team.

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